Dynamic50 Labs

The Labs is a place for the team at Dynamic50 to showcase new and interesting projects that have started as an idea by one of the team, and turned into a fully functional product... or in some cases a profitable business.

We do this as we are passionate about the web and like experimenting with new ideas. We get to use cutting edge technology as well as learn more about how to get a startup off the ground, skills we can then pass on to our clients.

Ruby and Ruby on Rails

  • Old Bill Gem

    A Ruby Gem to interact with the Police API used by Police.uk.

    The gem allows you to query the police api and find about crimes and police information in your area.

  • Carbon Calculated Gem

    This gem allows Ruby developers to interact with the Carbon Calculated API.

    The Carbon Calculated API was also written by Dynamic50 and contains millions of carbon emission factors from travel to bricks.

Internal Ruby on Rails Applications

  • Watchfilm

    Watchfilm is a platform to allow film makers to distribute and sell their content online.

    It manages the uploading, encoding and sales of the video and allows the uploader to embed the movie and payment process directly onto their site.

  • Carboncalculated_logo2

    Carbon Calculated's humble beginnings were in the Dynamic50 labs.

    The Carbon Calculated platform includes a software suite for carbon and energy management, an open source API for carbon emission storage and access, and a carbon consultancy division.

  • Rubymash

    Rubymash was a very early release from Dynamic50 and has stood the course of time!

    Rubymash lists companies, freelancers and job opportunities within the Ruby and Ruby on Rails sector on a map.